Some feedback from my clients

Leino has a gift of finding the best expression of the real you in a head shot. He has an eye for authenticity in all his work and I would never be afraid to send one of my clients to him. He is caring, funny and immensely talented. Just see how good I look. ;) *
Susan Tarshis
Leino has a gift for taking ordinary situations and giving them an artistic flair. I can only praise him for the way he handled every level of the shoot, to the print process.  Leino simply takes care of his clients.  I received nothing but the highest quality finished product! *
Wasim Ahmed
From the moment I set foot in the studio I knew I was in good hands. The whole session was a fun and relaxed experience… and I was really pleased with the final product. Leino is an artist. *
Tim Watson
Ontario Training Network
Leino’s work truly stood out from the crowd, which is why I approached him to do my very first business headshot. He is full of energy, great with direction & knows how to make you look your best.  He assisted me in narrowing down the perfect headshot that I now use on all my branding material.  I thoroughly enjoyed our photo session together & would 100% work with him again & refer him friends & family! *
Tanya Fernandez
Royal Lepage Meadowtowne
Before I worked with Leino I thought I had a respectable profile picture that represented my brand well. My experience with Leino and the end results speak for themselves! I am very satisfied with his work. First impressions are important, having a professional headshot conveys to my clients that I am a professional. Thanks Leino! *
Stewart Maxwell
McNain Communications
Working with Leino was a pleasure.  As a Realtor, my face (mug) is out there for everyone to see.  Leino was able to bring about a level of comfort that was shown in my shoot.   This level of comfort, was well as Leino’s expert help and advice, allows me to have a marketing product that has gotten me compliments from not only clients, but fellow Realtors! *
Siddeek Mohamed
Sid Sells
I was so impressed by Leino from the moment I walked into his studio. While I wasn't thrilled about getting my photo taken after so many years, I couldn't believe how painless and fun the entire process was. Not not only is Leino extremely talented and experienced in photography, he has a way of capturing your best smile. I received my final pictures in high quality format within a few days of the shoot and I have to say, I was really excited to update my online profiles with a professional, warm and approachable image of myself. Thanks Leino! *
Sheetal Nayar
Viva Learn
Leino is a fantastic photographer!  His use of lighting and complementing backgrounds gave all of my head shots interest.  He was very creative and tried many different techniques to bring out my personality.  With his warmth and wit, Leino made it easy to relax and have fun! He continued shooting until he got the perfect shot and I was able to take my time when choosing the right picture for my advertising.  His pricing was extremely reasonable for the level of talent I got on the other end of the camera! I would highly recommend Leino to anyone looking for professional headshots. *
Serena Sandilands
Serena Moves
Leino's expertise with a camera coupled with his fun personality allowed him to photograph a smile I've never been able to in the past.  He captures a beautiful portrait while focussing on getting a great expression from his subjects.  In this era that relies so heavily on online communication, a good headshot is critical to getting noticed and the attention of important decision makers.  Highly recommend everyone get a professional headshot from Leino. *
Sandeep Sambhi
Sandbox Media
As soon as you walk into Leino’s studio you begin to experience the passion and mastery with which he pursues his craft.  You know you are going to like the result even before the picture is taken. *
Phil Johnston
Master of Business Leadership inc.
Having never been professionally photographed, I didn’t know what to expect.  From the moment I walked through the door, Leino made me feel comfortable and at ease.  He’s personable and quirky, like an old friend you forgot you had, and yet balances that with his professionalism and keen eye for detail. He made the whole process easy and not intimidating.  As soon as I posted my new portrait on-line, the comments started pouring in from friends and family about how this photo so perfectly captures the essence of my personality. Only an artist can make a photo come alive. I couldn’t be more pleased! *
October Bell
Jamberry Consultant
Since I communicate with most of my clients and suppliers virtually, I wanted to include a great photo of myself on my email signature and business cards.  Leino did such a phenomenal job with my headshot - it looks natural and realistic, the 'real' me, not a posed or stiff feel like so many others I've seen.  I wouldn't trust anyone else to photograph me and I recommend Leino wholeheartedly. *
Natalia Weidner
I think I am like most people in that I do not enjoy having my picture taken and I am seldom impressed with the outcome. I conclude, this is obviously what I look like and don't worry about it. My headshot session with Leino was very different, it was an enjoyable fun experience. When looking at the results, thinking finally someone has me looking as good as I think I look. Best photograph of me I have ever seen. I never hesitate to refer family/friends to Leino. *
Murray McPhail
McPhail Chiropractic
I used Leino when it was time to get a professional head shot as I had seen plenty of his work and knew I wanted him to do the shot for my website.  Being a frenchy myself, I was also biased in working with a fellow "Quebecois"!  The whole experience was really easy, straightforward and worth every penny!   Using Leino for me was a no brainer and I would highly recommend him to any one looking to get a head shot done. *
Mathieu Fougere
Mortgage Edge
Leino is a highly experienced and professional photographer with an extraordinary talent for bringing out and capturing the best side of an individual’s personality.  His personable disposition and invaluable expertise creates a customer experience that generates comfort and earns your trust, and confidence.  If you are looking for state of the art, professional photos  then you need to experience the difference that the ‘Leino Lens’ can make.   ~ Mary DiCaro, Professional Educator *
Mary DiCaro
As an independent consultant, I quickly discovered that I am not selling a list of services and competencies; I am selling me. The primary deciding factors for a client choosing to work with me are whether I am trustworthy, reliable, professional and easy to work with. So how do you convey all that to a casual website visitor whose only exposure to you is a single photo? Well, ask Leino. He did an amazing job at achieving the right tone to reflect my personality;  it’s a great balance of approachability and professionalism. Working in the world of marketing, I’ve seen plenty of headshots that look stiff and feigned, but Leino made me feel totally comfortable and captured a natural moment that is true to who I am. Thanks Leino! *
Marek Kowalski
Mettle Creative
I decided to update the photos of my dental team and I wanted a professional look to them so I chose Leino.  Now what are the odds of getting 10 women to approve of and in fact, like their portraits?  Well believe it or not, they each raved about their photos and in some cases brought their families back for photos as well. Leino did a great job of making everyone feel relaxed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. *
Dr. Mark Cross
Towne Dental
My session with Leino was great! When I arrived he was well prepared and flexible on what kind of photo I was looking for. After taking pictures he was able to pull them up and edit them right away, allowing me to choose exactly what I wanted. Overall, it was an amazing experience with an outstanding result! *
Maisie Maclean
Who knew I could look so good?!  If you're looking for excellence in photography Leino is your artist.  His warm smile, and easy going personality allows you to be comfortable and confident.  Leino's sense of humor and compassion for quality unique photos, brings out the sparkle in your eye, while having fun as he captures your best features resulting in fabulous pictures!  Thank you Leino. *
Linda Schouten
Royal Lepage Real Estate
Professionalism at its finest!   I booked a session to have a business headshot taken by Leino.  The experience exceeded my expectations! It was fast, uncomplicated and of the highest quality. Leino is a professional in his interaction with people and his ability to photograph.. He is an exceptionally accommodating person to work with. The end results are natural and genuine images.  It was difficult to choose a photo as each one had its own special charm. *
Kelly Kirkwood
Hearing for Life
We have used Leino for personal and for business photography numerous times over the past 4+ years and the experience has always been nothing but exceptional. *
Jason Gervais
WSI Milton
In a time where it seems everyone is a "professional" photographer Leino absolutely stands out as a true craftsman. His innate talent and unique perspective capture the best in people.  When you need to put your best face forward, leave it to Leino to make sure your headshot is professional and also has warmth and personality! *
Jason Cook
Minute Man Press
... my experience with Leino was both professional and extremely easy.  Leino grasped what it was that I was looking for and got right down to the session.  Frankly it was hard to chose which options I wanted to go with so I selected a few.  The outcome of selecting a professional photographer is obvious as well as resulting in far more searches on my Linkedin profile.  This session also lead to us having a family session which we were equally thrilled with.  I wouldn't go anywhere else. *
James Harrison
Plan Group
Working with Leino on headshots was amazing!! He’s so creative and innovative and all his shots were outstanding.  I could hardly believe they were pictures of me! *
Irene Mitchell
Sutton Group Muskoka Realty Inc.
I had never visited a photographer for a headshot before, and it was amazing to realize how comfortable I felt instantly.  Leino has a warmth of character and professionalism that immediately removes any anxiety and apprehension about photography. The session was light-hearted and fun, and before I knew it, I had several professional headshots to choose from.  I highly recommend Leino Ole for headshots, and more generally, for all of your photography needs! *
Harpreet Hans
Gunding Hans LLP
Just wanted to let you know I really appreciated the work you did for my head shot for my business promotion. I always get compliments that my picture business card is a great likeness. I am usually one to shy away from the camera however you really made me feel at ease while doing the shoot and your studio is so easy to feel comfortable and just  be yourself. *
Doug Howden
Royal Lepage Real Estate
It was time to change my profile picture as it had been at least six years old.  Yet, I liked that picture.  Leino did wonders with me in the shoot.  I let him guide the session and I am really happy with the result.  I have received many comments on how good and well represented the picture is of me today.  I believe it is very important to be current and professional  in all social media profiles used for business networking.  I will have my profile picture updated by Leino every second year. *
Diane Nelson
The Achievement Centre
I have worked with many photographers over the years in my newspaper business.  When I needed a headshot I turned to Leino. *
Dean DeFazio
Snapd Milton
Leino was able to make me relax during our photo shoot and that allowed the real me or "authentic self" to come through…. It was fun and despite what I was fearing ….it didn’t take much time at all. *
Dave Peers
State Farm
Nowadays with social media, a professional headshot establishes a first impression with a client, colleague or future employee. Leino made the session comfortable and allowed me to be myself. The results were some creative and expressive shots that I can take pride in. I have since gone back to Leino for additional family portraits that look outstanding. I would recommend Leino for anyone trying to establish a positive first impression. *
Kurt Kaucher
The Sherwin Williams Paint Co.
For someone who dislikes having her picture taken, the idea of having head shots done for my business print material was an intimidating prospect.  I was immediately delighted to discover however, that working with Leino is effortless.  He has a miraculous way of making you feel relaxed and comfortable which translates into beautifully natural photography.  The results have been hugely successful and have allowed my business marketing material to increase my presence in my industry. *
Kathy Hartley and Elisa Bondy
Surroundings Etc.
Leino has a great ability to bring out a Natural smile, and the real you with his head shots. He makes them fun, and relaxing, and in the end has a shot that my wife and I loved. We did a team picture of the two of us, that we cherish, and a single head shot that shows my best self. *
Bob McDonald
Max International
If you are a person who is absolutely uncomfortable having her picture taken, Leino uses a disarming, respectful, playful and engaging approach to chisel away the fears and doubts only to reveal and capture one’s true essence.  I have NEVER liked a photo of myself until I had my headshot done with Leino.  He is a MASTER Photographer and I am so grateful I found him. *
Anna Finlan
Anna Finlan
I wanted to thank you for your assistance in creating professional photos for my company website and LinkedIn pages.  The photography sessions were fun and easy to do, especially with our ability to select our preferred photos immediately after taking the pictures.   Your high energy and professionalism is something everybody can benefit from.  If you are considering professional photos for your business or home I would recommend Leino Ole! *
Andrew Wall
Sandler Training
My experience with Leino was nothing short of spectacular. Leino has a gift for capturing the best version of people through his unique blend of humor and professionalism and this definitely came through while working with me. I felt comfortable and actually enjoyed the process (I hated getting my headshot in the past!). I am extremely pleased with his work and look forward to continuing to using his services indefinitely. *
Adam McDonald
Arm Training Systems

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